Interior architecture and design

Being an Interior Architect and Designer in Miami has become a lot more meaningful recently. The real estate industry is thriving: Architecture and Interior Design are in the forefront resulting in an unprecedented surge in creativity. Art, Architecture and Interior Design are intertwined to support the cultural growth of a City that is paving it’s own road towards becoming a World Class destination. While holding onto its precious architectural heritage, Miami has developed new iconic symbols, and features that can only be spotted here. Some may seem obvious while some are surprisingly fresh and creative, and largely contribute to the international development of the design industry in Miami.

This is where we meet Alison Antrobus and Ruby Ramirez.

They are not your typical Miami Interior Designers.

Alison Antrobus created her solo ID firm in 2002, and built a brand dedicated to the luxury residential market. Joined by Ruby Ramirez later on after a common experience for the London based Design and Development firm Yoo Ltd, they decided to combine their creative talents and build a partnership based upon their common vision of design service. To work with Antrobus + Ramirez is to experience the lasting emotions of the story written at the start of every project.

Together, they have succeeded in balancing their experiences and inspirations to define their own creative vocabulary. Design Ethos is how they call it. And it speaks to who they are as individuals more than anything else, for these two know no boundaries in creativity. Each project embodies their ability to interpret the truth of each of their client’s stories; which becomes translated into a dialog that subtly mixes materials, details, patterns, textures, water and sky in a unique image. Because they are positively grounded, and very good listeners, they know that the project as seen by their client is always first priority.

Challenging and bold, their projects convey unique warmth blended with a strong contemporary artistic vision. Circulations, angles, and perception… any detail they bring to a project is only there to ignite a new emotion, and develop a unique narrative. More than a picture, Alison Antrobus and Ruby Ramirez want to design unforgettable experiences. Anything else is decor. The strength of their design resides in their ability to write a story, faithful to their clients vision, and interpret the story with their own tools. They are space designers, and their thoughts manifest into three dimensional shapes and patterns that embrace people when they enter a private residence, a hotel, a retail store or a building.

At the end of the day, there is not one project that can define them, because the key motto of their daily routine is to question the former one. After decades of experience and many successes, chances are they don’t know the answer for their next project… and that ability to stay out of the box is what’s called genuine talent.